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Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week
学年很快就过去了,第二轮初中和初中的会议即将到来. This coincides with the second Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week, January 31-February 4 for all of MPA. Please consider donating a beverage or snack. Teachers have reported increased thirst and cravings during conference week and we can help! Contact Tara Lafferty with questions, or . Thank you from Tara, Shari and the Parents Association!

Donations can be dropped off at PA Carts located inside the Lower School, Middle School or Upper School Entrances. Please ad在这里 to MPA Peanut/Tree Nut Awareness for Beverages and Snacks. No peanuts or tree nuts please. Refer to the MPA Food Allergy Guidelines for more information.

For snack ideas, please click 在这里
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January Walks with Dogs
因为狗狗们的健康问题——或者没有健康问题——uwin电竞将在米歇尔·米克(Michelle Mick)所在的黑人郊区的Lower School停车场见面. uwin电竞会在休息后马上开始在MPA场地轻快地散步,做点运动, 星期五, 1月28日上午8点左右. We look forward to seeing everyone and trying to spot the sounds of spring, optimistic as that may be!

SnoDaze All-School Nature Walk, Dodge Nature Center, February 22, 3:45-5:45 PM,
Let’s kick off the week of SnoDaze, and celebrate the joy of winter in Minnesota! Bundle up the family and meet at Dodge Nature Center after school on February 22. Their naturalist will take MPA 家庭 on a winter exploration of the grounds. We will end with some free time to gather around the bonfire to chat, as well as kick-sled across the frozen ponds. This is an all-school event, so if your students are busy with other activities, parents are welcome to come and enjoy winter’s splendor without kids in tow. 请回复斯塔西银行

Attention Middle School Panthers and Parents
The annual Middle School Café is going tubular this year! Stay tuned and get excited. While we can’t unveil all the details just yet (sorry!), we can say, SAVE THE DATE, 星期五, February 25 from 2:30-5:30 PM.

Keep the Spring Break Vibes Alive, March 25th, 1:15-2:15 PM, Yogafresh
Save the date for some self-care and community connection! 3月, Yogafresh, will offer a tailored class experience for MPA parents that weaves gentle movement, 当家里(或工作)感到有压力时,使用一些额外的工具和资源进行呼吸和冥想练习. T在这里 will be more details on this event as we get closer to March, as things are COVID-situation dependent.


之后家庭How many years have you been part of the MPA community?

What do you love about MPA?
uwin电竞很高兴教职员工能在短短几个月的时间里真正了解uwin电竞的孩子. The small class size has been a wonderful fit for all of our children. Both of our kids in the Lower School feel seen, known, and loved in their classrooms. Their teachers have been able to design goals and opportunities around their specific needs. 今年,uwin电竞的中学生有机会去探索更多的新机会, which has been wonderful. Overall, we just feel like our kids are in very good hands when we drop them off everyday!

What initially attracted you to MPA? 
uwin电竞喜欢MPA鼓励uwin电竞的孩子同时发展和探索多种兴趣. 丰富的学术、艺术和体育教育的强大三位一体,真正吸引uwin电竞走向MPA. 阅读更多


格伦家族格伦家族 lives in White Bear Lake, MN. 克里斯汀·格伦(Christine Gruen)学了四年MPA,这是她作为MPA家长的第一年! Max is in tenth grade and Samantha is in eighth.

What do you love about MPA?
我喜欢老师们花时间去了解学生,真正关心他们的成功和幸福. 我喜欢我的孩子们在需要帮助或指导的时候可以放心地去找他们的老师. I love that MPA is a small family-type community. 我喜欢我的孩子们正在经历惊人的学习机会,这些机会可以在日常生活中使用. I love seeing my children happy!!

What initially attracted you to MPA?
We had recently relocated to MPA from California. I was attracted to the warm welcome we received by both faculty and students, and the sense of acceptance my children received as transfer students.

How are your children encouraged to dream big and do right at MPA?
My children are inspired by their teachers to become the best versions of themselves, 不管是什么. They are always encouraged and challenged. 阅读更多

Meet The Oliver Family

奥利弗家族The Oliver Family lives in St. 保罗、锰. They joined our community in 2021–Kellen is in third grade and Cameron is in fifth grade.

What do you love about MPA?
uwin电竞热爱社区. 作为一个新的家庭, it was important to us to find a school that offered and encouraged a sense of “welcome.” We found this through the enrollment process, 当uwin电竞遇到“兄弟”的时候,” met online with several teachers and administrators, 当学校开学的时候(可能是最重要的),uwin电竞发现学生和老师在送孩子的时候会说“你好”,并在口罩下微笑, 拾音器, in the halls and on the playground. uwin电竞真的很享受这种感觉,每个人都在MPA有自己的位置,每个人都在MPA被看到.

What initially attracted you to MPA?
In our recent school search brought about by our family’s move from Los Angeles, CA, we were attracted to MPA’s small size and with that, uwin电竞的孩子有更大的机会得到个性化的关注——无论是学术上还是情感上. MPA致力于鼓励和教育孩子们成为独立的思考者和尊重他人,这激励了uwin电竞, 尊重, and contribute to our diverse community and world. We also appreciate the emphasis on collaboration.

How are your children encouraged to dream big and do right at MPA?
uwin电竞是MPA新手, so still assessing how the school’s “Dream Big, 做正确的” is implemented on a daily or yearly and individual basis. 然而, 已经, our young boys have been given choices that guide their learning, from language to music to reading and science projects. 这个机会在一定程度上鼓励他们为自己的发展负责,并从自己以及他们的学生和老师群体中寻找答案. We look forward to more of these chances to ask big questions, explore what excites us, and seek new knowledge during our years at MPA. 阅读更多


家庭厨师Parent Rebekah Cook and her family live in St. 保罗、锰, and have a second grader at MPA.

What do you love about MPA?
I love the communication from faculty and staff. I always feel like I know what to expect and when things are happening, 这给了我一种能动的感觉,让我能积极参与孩子的教育.

What initially attracted you to MPA?
My good friend, Summer, works at MPA. 她会分享她所教的内容,以及她将与学生进行的讨论, 我说, “I WANT THAT FOR FRANKIE. 我怎么得到它?!“此外,uwin电竞参观了几所不同的学校,没有其他学校的孩子有这样的信心. We were strangers walking down the hallway, and kids would say, “Hi!” Or when visiting their classroom, 当老师问他们一个问题时,他们都非常渴望回答和分享——如此雄辩和自信. That’s all we wanted for Frankie–to feel confident and safe to be herself!

How is your child encouraged to dream big and do right at MPA?
弗兰基是好奇的, 善解人意, 固执己见, and has some natural leadership abilities, but it can sometimes come across at “bossy.弗兰基一年级老师给她的目标之一是,不要被教室里的其他人分散注意力,把所有的注意力都放在自己的功课上,这样她就能感到挑战和自豪. 我爱这! Her teacher didn’t discourage her to be different or to simulate, 但要找出她的弱点和优势,并引导所有这些使她成为最好的自己! 阅读更多

满足博士. Sirid凯勒曼88年

凯勒曼家族Dr. 凯勒曼是1988届的学生,作为九年级学生艾莎·凯勒曼(Aixa Kellerman)的父母,她再次经历了MPA!

What are you currently doing, professionally and/or personally? 你是怎么去的? W在这里 did you attend college? 是否有一些职业变动或其他重要经历或关系激励了你?

After graduating from MPA in 1988, I went to the University of Minnesota for a B.S. in cell biology and a Ph.D. in cellular and molecular immunology. Then I had the option to take a job in either Connecticut or Palo Alto, California. 两份工作的面试都在12月初,所以决定接受哪个职位并不难! I spent 14 years in the Bay Area at R&D and marketing positions at various drug discovery companies. I also got an MBA in sustainable business management along the way. 如果你没有孩子,而且你是谷歌或脸谱网的前30名员工之一,而且你不介意在101号公路上堵车,那么旧金山湾区是一个很好的居住地. As none of these applied to me, 我发现回到明尼苏达州是有意义的,2012年,我最终在那里创办了自己的咨询公司. 阅读更多


Soma家族Soma家族 lives in North Oaks, MN, and have a first grade daughter.

What do you love about MPA?

We love that character education is as much a part of the curriculum as traditional learning, from PreK through Grade 12. MPA has a clear mission and seems to base all of its decisions on that mission. 学校的学术水平是一流的,但学习却毫不费力,因为我的孩子在课堂上玩得很开心,感觉得到了支持.

What initially attracted you to MPA? Do your same needs/desires hold true today?

We were attracted by how friendly and welcoming the MPA community is. From the first day we interviewed, it felt like home. I have always had the feeling that if I had a problem or concern, I could express that freely and that it would be openly received. 阅读更多

Meet Assistant Director of 入学 for Lower School Robyn Hare

罗宾头像How long have you been at MPA?
I have been at MPA for 10 months.

What do you love about MPA?
I love seeing how my son Charlie’s perspective on school has changed. To say it has been transformational would not be an exaggeration. He loves coming to MPA every single day!

How does MPA inspire students who dream big and do right?
I think t在这里 are so many ways that we do this. My son comes home and wants to research interesting topics he learned in school. He’s so curious and interested in everything, whether it is learning new ball handling skills in PE, humming new songs he’s learning in music, or researching more about science topics he has been introduced to. It’s so fun to see his eyes opened to all the possibilities ahead of him! 阅读更多

Meet Director of 入学 and Communication Natalie Waters Seum


Favorite teacher to strike up a conversation with walking down the hallway?
Ms. 彼得森, 幼儿园老师, because she always has a creative project underway, often with a social justice or service focus. And her energy is contagious!

How long have you been at MPA?
I have been an MPA parent in the Class of 2023 for 11 years and on staff for almost five. 我在这里的历史可以追溯到更早的时候,因为我的岳母是一名教师和高中管理人员. I’ve known and loved MPA for nearly 25 years.

If you have worked at another school, how has your experience at MPA been different?
During and after college, 我在一个教育合作社工作,既服务于有困难的学生,也服务于优秀的学生. The faculty t在这里 were particularly adept at hands-on, 从实践经验中学习, especially service-learning, 类似于电影. It was t在这里 w在这里 my passion for serving children and 家庭 was born. I could see that even from the administrative office, my work could have a direct impact on students, 家庭, 和老师. If I couldn’t be a teacher (we were 已经 putting my husband through graduate school), this was the next best thing. 从那里, I went on to the consulting world serving education-related nonprofits, so that I could be home more with my son. 我本来想找MPA的通讯主管一职. Hudson, the timing was perfect. In the fall of 2019, I added admission to my scope. T在这里’s now在这里 else I’d rather spend my life, both as an administrator and as a parent.

Favorite space on campus?
It is hard to choose just one, 但我不得不说奔驰庭院,因为我喜欢看到高中学生享受课间休息. 阅读更多

Meet the Short Herring Family

Harper and Carter Short in the science roomDr. 考特尼鲱鱼, pediatrician and member of MPA’s COVID-19 Community Advisory Group, 和她的孩子们, 卡特(6级)和哈珀(5级)分享了他们今年秋季在MPA的经历.

How is MPA making sure you’re safe at school?

哈珀: MPA has been and always will be my favorite school. They have spent a lot of time on making sure everyone is six feet apart, 戴着面具, and sanitizing their hands. MPA has kept me educated and safe.


Dr. 鲱鱼: The task of re-opening any school during a population health crisis is daunting. MPA的行政部门和工作人员孜孜不倦地工作,建立了安全条款和后勤规划,以允许uwin电竞的孩子返回教室. W在这里as safety is first, social development and academic delivery should not be demoted to second-level importance. MPA理解这些原则,并以一种让uwin电竞所有人都应该为成为uwin电竞“远大梦想”的一部分而自豪的方式接受挑战. 做正确的.“家庭. 通过不失去焦点, uwin电竞的学生重新参与进来,家庭得到支持,同时通过面对面和虚拟平台继续建立关系.