MPA’s uwin电竞app are having a great year so far. Today we celebrate the fact that we have three Panthers who have qualified for State!

Isak Nightingale placed fourth in Section 4A
Margo Nightingale placed tenth in Section 4A
Teagan O’Keefe place ninth in Section 4A

MPA男生4A组第五名 & MPA女生第6名(4A组)

Sections advances the top two teams plus the next ten individuals. Sections took place at Highland 9 Golf Course and the State race will be November 6 at St. 奥拉夫学院. This season the MSHSL has moved to 3 classes for Cross Country running. AAA-Largest、AA-Middle A-Smallest. MPA athletes will run Boys at 12 PM, Girls at 1 PM and Awards at 1:45 PM!

Congratulations MPA Volleyball Conference Champs!

MPA is acknowledging the volleyball team’s overwhelming success this year, 完成18三整体, and undefeated in the IMAC conference! This is the second time in three years that we have swept the conference without losing a single set. 祝你今晚对SPA的比赛好运! We will be celebrating our seniors Kaija, Jenna Sherwood, Maddie Black, and Vienna Schreifels.

Congratulations to all of the players and coaches, go Panthers!

Great job to our stat leaders from this season:

杀死–Kaija Kunze-Hoeg with 248 and Lola Pilon with 227
ace–Else Kunze-Hoeg with 73, second in the state.
次助攻–Else with 580, currently fifth in the state
挖掘–Kaija with 236, Lola with 197, and Violette Cammack with 175

同学会 Celebration And Spirit Week Reimagined

同学会 9月27日至10月2日
Join us as we reimagine our annual 同学会 festivities in light of COVID-19 health and safety concerns. We are offering division-specific opportunities for students as a part of a weeklong celebration, building spirit for MPA uwin电竞app and our entire community.


  • MPA Student Council Spirit Week Dress Up Days: September 27 – October 1
  • Upper School student only BBQ: October 1, 5-8 PM, Benz Courtyard
  • Upper School student dance: October 2, 8-11 PM, Benz Courtyard
  • Free 同学会-themed MPA t-shirts for all Upper School students


  • Middle School Game Day: October 1, 10 AM-3 PM, South Lawn (Parent Volunteers needed!)
  • Spirit Week Dress Up Days September 27-October 1
  • Free 同学会-themed MPA t-shirts for all Middle School students


  • Pajama Day for all Lower School Students: September 27
  • Spirit Wear Day with 同学会 T-shirt and non-uniform bottom: October 1
  • 同学会 Spirit Photo Booth and Special Appearances by the MPA Panther: September 27-October 1
  • 同学会 Panther Coloring Sheets available for students
  • Free 同学会-themed MPA t-shirts for all Lower School students

MPA uwin电竞app Schedule Saturday, October 2
请注意: Only athlete household members may attend in person. Join in the fun and cheer on our Panthers by streaming games live! 学习更多在 http://www.765888msc.com/athletics/

  • Varsity Girls Soccer vs New Life Academy 11 AM (available for streaming)
  • Varsity Boys Soccer New Life Academy 1 PM (available for streaming)
  • Varsity Volleyball 9 AM-2 PM (continuous streaming viewing)
  • JV Boys Soccer New Life Academy 11 AM (not available for streaming)
  • Varsity Girls Tennis vs Como Park and Cretin Derham Hall (not available for streaming)

Parents, would you like to share your MPA Spirit and support our student athletes? Join the MPA Parents Association for an all-parent coffee and community building meet-up on Friday, 10月1日上午7:45到10点. You’ll find us under the big white tent in the west parking lot, rain or shine. 会见其他MPA家长, help to decorate the outdoor fields, and write messages of encouragement for our athletes. 去美洲黑豹队!


MPA Student-Athletes/Lake Phalen Rowing Club take on the Iowa Games RegattaThe Lake Phalen Rowing swept the podium at the Iowa Games Regatta on July 31st with MPA student/athletes bringing home multiple victories. We’re so glad to see that our student community is remaining active in the summer months, 同时,赢得! Please refer to the information below to see the results from this competitive regatta.

男人的新手1 x:
2日place-Finn Zeruhn

男人的小4 x:
2nd place—Collin Steinberger ‘21, Grant Steinberger, David Steinberger, Matt Duerr

女性的新手1 x:
1日place-Sonia Olk

Appleton siblings with their medals男人的小1 x:
1 st-grant斯坦伯格
7 th-david斯坦伯格
8 th-collin斯坦伯格的21
16 th-alex阿普尔顿
17 th-finn Zeruhn

男人的小2 x:
Tied for 2nd place—Collin Steinberger ‘21, Grant Steinberger
10日place-Finn Zeruhn



梅森的父母在观看派对上Mason Ferlic ’11 Competes in Olympic Games 

MPA社区成员来自校友, 教师, and current families gathered to celebrate and support Mason’s olympic accomplishments. We launched the event with pizza and ‘Go Mason’ poster making, then concluded with a personal FaceTime from Mason after he crossed the finish line. The Ferlic family and the rest of the MPA community expressed their immense pride and happiness for Mason as we wished him a restful remainder of his evening. Enjoy this reflection piece written by Nate Bander ’09, one of Mason’s teammates and 点击uwin电竞的照片 从那天晚上.


Mason Ferlic ran a near personal best in the 3000m Steeplechase at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on July 30, 以8:20的成绩获得第21名.23, an exciting and historic day for MPA! Mason came to MPA in ninth grade and joined the track and field team in his first year. 他很快就成功了, and his coaches and teammates encouraged him to sign up for cross country running. The problem was that he was already registered for soccer! But, with a little arm twisting, he decided to give cross country a try. 剩下的都是历史了, he went on to win four MSHSL state championships, 打破三项学校记录, and appear on MPA’s track and field top 10 list 11 times (though fun fact, 诺兰, 他的弟弟, 出现13).

2011年毕业于MPA, Mason competed for the University of Michigan as the first of what have now become four MPA track and field athletes to compete at the Division I level in the last 10 years, 都在十大会议上. He won the 2016 NCAA steeplechase championship and after graduating from Michigan with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering, he is now pursuing a PHD in Applied Statistics, which he does while training with Very Nice Track Club in Ann Arbor. 阅读更多

uwin电竞app Closed July 3-11

MPA校园uwin电竞app, 包括建筑物和场地, 业务办公室, 领导办公室, 发展, 招生, 通信, 体育办公室, and all division offices will be closed July 3-11, 2021. We appreciate your patience while employees spend time with their families. We will respond to emails and voicemails immediately upon our return!


凯伦Widerski博士. 比尔·哈德森,学校校长

As the school year hurries to a close and we look forward to celebrating the graduating Class of 2021, we are also celebrating two employees, payroll and benefits administrator 凯伦Widerski, and Middle School math teacher Dan Ethier, who are graduating on to other endeavors.

Karen came to MPA in the 2012-2013 school year after a long and successful career in human resources at Target Corporation. In her time at MPA, she has made wonderful impressions with colleagues. 玫瑰芯, who works alongside Karen in the 业务办公室, 股票, “凯伦是一个真正的朋友, the most hilarious person I have ever worked with.” Other coworkers describe Karen as “awesome,” “a hard worker,” “fun,” and “humorous.”

Karen purchased her father’s home on Child Lake in Hackensack, MN, where she will surely continue to the throw the best fourth of July party on the lake, 最后是烟花表演. She is very close with her family and will enjoy spending more time with her husband Jim, 女儿杰斯, 和儿子基思. Her father and brother live nearby as well. Karen is a pet lover who has raised several black labs, including her current dog, Jax. 在北方, Karen will get to continue her love for the outdoors, 特别是, snowmobiling and cross country skiing, and she’ll have lots of time for the annual family trip to the Caribbean each winter.

“Karen came at a time when there was much change at MPA. She brought an amazing sense of calm and confidence, and she is always willing to do whatever it takes to get things done,首席财务官吉娜•沃拉夫说. “She is a major team player with an amazing can do attitude. We have relied on her tremendously and she just takes care of things. 她将被怀念.”

We all wish Karen a wonderful and happy retirement.

Mr. 他们教数学课

Dan Ethier joined MPA in the fall of 1992, 29年来, has been a fundamental part of the Middle School, as well as a highly successful and much loved cross country running and math league coach.

In the classroom, Dan exemplifies MPA’s experiential, hands on approach to learning. He built his curriculum on solving rigorous problems and he’s an expert on crafting open ended problems that require his students to apply their deep content knowledge in creative ways. Rather than giving students problems that have a clear, 程序的方法, Dan instead sought ones where the methodology was not obvious nor straight forward from the start.

Dan’s problem solving approach connected academic rigor to real world concepts. Whether it was learning about investing and interest or measuring the depths of craters on the moon using trigonometry, his students have found themselves solving problems that apply mathematics to life.

Dan’s personal sense of curiosity and love for learning made him a great teacher as well. “学生问的问题很好. I make sure to spend time pursuing those questions and demonstrating interest in them,” he says. “Sometimes I raise the questions myself. It’s about being curious myself and letting that spill over into the lesson.”

虽然一个数学老师, Dan fiercely advocated for all subject areas, and 特别是 championed the fine arts. “The arts allow students to see the world in new and different ways, and that new vision will allow them to apply their science, 技术, 工程, and math knowledge with the creativity and innovation our 21st century world needs.”

最后, what most propelled Dan to the upper echelons of the teaching profession was his knack for truly getting to know each student he came across. He was known for writing a comment on every problem that a student answered incorrectly with advice on where they went wrong.

“Dan has been, and always will be, a cultural icon of sorts in the Middle School. 从他的毛绒玩具, 对他的冷幽默来说, students have come to know math and themselves better in this great big world,” says Middle School director Jenn Milam. “We will all be better for having shared this journey with Dan–his passion for mathematics and teaching is out-matched only by his passion and love for Middle Schoolers.”

Dan also poured his heart and soul into uwin电竞app cross country. He took over the program in its infancy, and through his guidance and passion, turned it into a perennial contender and one of MPA’s most successful athletic programs. He took three teams to the state meet, 2013年排名第二, earned section 4A coach of the year honors in 2008, and coached six all state-athletes and two state champions.

Dan’s connection to his team is clear. He is invited to and attends nearly every graduation party, creates individualized race plans for each varsity runner at every meet, writes detailed recaps of each race, and is a true master of making everyone on the team, from state champions to sixth graders, 感觉欢迎, 包括和特殊. It’s no wonder that so many seniors on the team ask Dan for a letter of recommendation when heading off to college.

Dan coaches the right way, with humor, care, and respect. He instills a terrific work ethic in every athlete and transforms a sport that some find monotonous and difficult into something enjoyable and rewarding. Whether it’s the annual run to Dairy Queen, the game of “Foxes and Hounds” or the professional quality end of season banquets, 丹带来欢乐, 体育精神, 以及团队的同志情谊.

As Dan moves on from MPA into retirement, I hope he will get to enjoy more time with his passions outside of MPA, 包括无人机摄影, 长跑, 天文学, 应用程序开发, 和时事. And I know he will always be rooting for the next generation of MPA runners.

Please click here to leave farewell messages and well wishes for Dan and Karen!

保存日期! 2021年回国

2019年校友返校节Save the date to celebrate MPA 2021年回国 on Saturday, October 2!

同学会 weekend is a wonderful way to celebrate who we are, uwin电竞从哪里来, 还有uwin电竞要一起去的地方. We are thrilled every year to welcome alumni back at home to celebrate a milestone reunion and reconnect with friends. This is an opportunity for all of us to support and celebrate MPA! Come home to connect with us and one another, and to celebrate MPA.

Boys Volleyball Finds Joy In Inaugural Season

Luke Zscheile smashes a spike in the Lansing Sports CenterWhen the Panthers girls volleyball team qualified for the MSHSL State Tournament in 2019, their achievement inspired many in the MPA community. Among those were a group of Upper School boys who saw their own future in volleyball. Fast forward two years, and the team is now competing in its first season this spring. “A lot of us had an initial interest in the sport, and we had watched it at the high school, 学院及专业水平,高年级学生卡勒姆·琼斯(Callum Jones)回忆道. We talked to the athletics department, started practicing, and asked (MPA Spanish teacher) Mrs. 孔泽将成为uwin电竞的教练. 她同意了,uwin电竞就出发了.” 阅读更多

A College Choice Day Unlike Any Other

伊萨克戴“21博士. 比尔·哈德森,学校校长

I remember sitting in the bleachers in the upper level of Jenison Fieldhouse at Michigan State University to witness the graduation of my father. At five years old, I had no appreciation for the sacrifice he and my mother made for that to happen. I didn’t know that my dad joined the Navy after high school to help support his family and that afterwards, he worked full time to put 他的弟弟 and sister through college. I didn’t know that over the course of seven years he drove 80 miles round trip to attend classes at Michigan State all the while working a full-time job, leaving my mother to care for three small children. I didn’t know any of that, sitting in the bleachers that hot May afternoon in 1969. But I did know how important college was as I spotted my dad cross the stage to receive his diploma.

MPA老年人, together with the entire MPA community, will celebrate College Choice Day this coming Monday, 5月10日. Sporting their chosen college apparel, seniors will gather in and around the Upper School Commons to create their college pennants and feast on individually pre-packaged cookies and beverages. “This class has my heart,” says director of college counseling, Lisa Pederson. “The pandemic literally shut down campuses last spring break as many were arriving to tour campuses. They rebounded and conducted the rest of their college search almost entirely online, demonstrating an amazing degree of resilience, 想象力, 的决心, 乐观, 互相支持.” 阅读更多