from Marc Shapiro, Upper School science teacher and robotics coach

If you’ve been in the Lansing Sports Center recently, you’ve surely seen the large wooden structure on Court 4. Maybe you even saw Michael Wilke ’16 working on it. The curiosity some people had about the structure made me overcome my reluctance at sending all employee emails, 为了撰写MPA机器人团队是uwin电竞什么的描述.

FIRST Robotics是一家总部设在新罕布什尔州的国际组织. 它有四个层次, starting with FIRST LEGO League (FLL) for elementary schoolers, all the way up to FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) for high schoolers. 在MPA,uwin电竞只有一个FRC团队. Per capita, Minnesota has one of the highest participation rates in the U.S. T在这里 are more FRC teams in Minnesota than varsity hockey teams!

每年,uwin电竞都会得到一款新的“游戏”,并在有限的时间内创造一个机器人来玩游戏. 机器人必须在严格的约束下进行设计、建造、编程、布线和测试. A new robot is built every year; the game changes so much that t在这里’s nothing from the previous year that is useful, 除了可能的驱动底盘. With their batteries and bumpers, robots can weight up to 150 pounds. Teams are aided by adult mentors who are volunteers from the community, but the students have ultimate responsibility for designing, 建筑, 操作机器人. Students can go the technical route and learn about 建筑, 编码, 电子和控制, 计算机辅助设计, 或者使用CNC路由器, 或者几个. 他们也可以选择非技术路线,从事筹款等工作, 市场营销, 外展, 和社交媒体. Our team has Twitter, Instagram, 脸谱网, and a still-under-renovation 网站. uwin电竞就像一个小企业, and have to raise all our operating funds; our budget for this season is $24,000. 阅读更多


Mr. 维珍与一名学生交谈 What is it about great teachers that makes them stand out?

MPA高中老师Mike Vergin, it’s a commitment to knowledge about his subject matter, synchronized with a sense of humility and a willingness to let students pursue their own interests (a major part of what defines him as an educator). 他的安静, 悠闲的举止使他平易近人, but his students will assure you that he is incredibly passionate, 聪明, and extremely sharp on a wide range of subjects.

维珍在MPA教了24年的社会研究课程,同时也做了15年的MPA家长. His current classes are ninth grade Honors World History, AP世界历史10, 世界宗教与宪法. He has also helped coach MPA’s award-winning Debate and Speech Teams.

维珍坚持MPA在课堂上激发活跃讨论的传统, and he credits his debate experience to making all the difference in his ability to credibly see and present both sides of an argument. He appreciates it when his students take risks by leaving their comfort zones and engaging in discussions on important but controversial topics. 在这里,你可以不同意,你可以发展自己的思维,你可以质疑自己最初的立场. This is a place 在哪里 being curious and informing yourself is cool, uwin电竞为混乱的过程保留空间,有时需要充分发展一个立场.” 阅读更多



热爱MPA是一件容易的事情. The students and their families are all in–and the love of learning and excitement the students bring to the table each and every day makes each day a new adventure. 我的同事们都是出色的教育工作者,他们对最佳实践的热情和追求激励着我.

How does MPA inspire students who dream big and do right?
Young children naturally dream big, and want to do right. Inspiring them to do just that, then, is easy. 建模知识的好奇心, 尊重, and critical thinking allows our students to maintain the part of themselves that expects the best of others, 寻找向右弯曲的道路.

Two major differences between MPA and other schools I’ve worked in were evident by about my third week at MPA. 一是教师真正与家庭合作,以支持学生的学业, 艺术, 和个人成长. 另一个,当然是学生. One lesson I introduced as a middle school English teacher required students to illustrate a piece of writing. 在其他学校,这一要求遭到了抱怨和抱怨,作业完成得很差. 在MPA,当我介绍这个项目时,大家像在其他学校一样举起了手. I braced myself for the onslaught of questions and complaints. 而不是, students asked what medium they could use. 他们想知道铅笔渲染是否可行,或者水彩是否可能更好. 他们和我讨论, 和在自己, how one might choose different ways to illustrate work depending on the content of the piece of writing. Magical moments like that are commonplace at MPA. 阅读更多


格伦家族格伦家族 lives in White Bear Lake, MN. 克里斯汀·格伦(Christine Gruen)学了四年MPA,这是她作为MPA家长的第一年! Max is in tenth grade and Samantha is in eighth.

I love that the teachers take the time to get to know students and genuinely care about their success and well being. I love that my children feel comfortable approaching their teachers if they ever need help or guidance. I love that MPA is a small family-type community. I love that my children are experiencing amazing learning opportunities that can be used in everyday life. 我喜欢看到我的孩子们快乐!!

We had recently relocated to MPA from California. 我被老师和学生们的热烈欢迎所吸引, and the sense of acceptance my children received as transfer students.

How are your children encouraged to dream big and do right at MPA?
我的孩子们在老师的激励下成为最好的自己, 不管是什么. 他们总是受到鼓励和挑战. 阅读更多

MPA’s Success At The Classic State Debate Festival

from Katie Murr, Social Studies Teacher and Upper School Debate Coach

Congratulations to the MPA debate team on a wonderful performance at the Classic State Debate Festival. 42名学生代表学校, and uwin电竞app received the second-place team sweepstakes award. This award is based on the top two performances across each of the three divisions of competition – novice, 校, 而校. 这是对团队深度的证明.

uwin电竞称这次比赛为初级和初级大学代表队的经典辩论锦标赛. 在新手组, the team of Greta Hanson and Max O’Connor advanced to the octafinal round, 卓娅·纳亚克(Zoya Nayak)和安妮卡·宾斯塔德(Annika Binstadt)的团队进入了四分之一决赛. 莫莉·维金和梅兰·卡尔森的队伍一路挺进决赛, 以组内第一名的成绩结束比赛. 在大学青年队, the teams of Ben Murr and Akshay Somayajula and Zoe Schnell and Frances Martin advanced to the quarterfinal round, 而伊恩·弗兰克尔和特雷弗·连的球队进入了半决赛.

大学代表队被称为明尼苏达州高中联盟经典辩论州节, as the MSHSL sponsors the awards for this event. 在uwin电竞说团队成果之前, we want to applaud two seniors who were recognized with all-state debate honors for their excellence over the entire season: Charlotte Bergh and Ruby Schwieger. In team competition, MPA had a strong performance. The team of Kaija Kunze-Hoeg and Jenna Sherwood broke to the quarterfinals, 在哪里, 由于播种, 他们必须和队友辩论, 夏洛特和Ruby. 评委们说这一轮打得不错,夏洛蒂和鲁比晋级了. 在半决赛中, 夏洛特和Ruby defeated an excellent team from Eastview High School, 在决赛中, 夏洛特和鲁比在对阵另一支来自东景的优秀球队时也表现出色, 以亚军的身份结束比赛.

特别感谢本赛季为球队担任裁判和教练的所有校友. 特别是Meg Wilkening的18和Elli Carlson的20值得特别表彰. These two alums were outstanding debaters and returned to the team to give back to MPA in ways that are hard to capture in words. 本赛季, they coached over 100 students through the rigors of debate, 教学研究, 说话, 和写作. We are fortunate to be the beneficiaries of their patient brilliance.

去美洲黑豹队! 去主宰!


MPA感谢并祝贺uwin电竞的校友入选《uwin电竞》30位30岁以下青年榜单! 恭喜11岁的劳蕾尔·施瓦茨和10岁的亚伦·米尔伯格,uwin电竞为uwin电竞的校友感到骄傲!

Laurel Schwartz ’11 was featured in the Marketing & 作为全球非营利组织品牌总监的广告类别:危机文本行, 提供免费的, 通过短信提供全天候的心理健康支持. In addition to this, Laurel is also a documentary filmmaker. 劳雷尔说,她“非常感谢我的MPA教育,让我来到这里!“阅读更多 在这里.

Aaron Millberg ’10 was featured in the Hollywood & Entertainment section for his excellent work with United Talent Agency and for representing some very recognizable names such as DJ Khaled and Zachary Levi. 阅读更多 在这里.


dr. 哈德逊在和prek说话博士. 比尔·哈德森,学校校长

“T在这里 are four main ingredients contributing to the success of our school. 首先是学生群体,这是由一个多元化的个人群体, 每个人都有自己的优势, 人才, 和热情. 第二,uwin电竞的教师非常敬业,他们喜欢并真正关心学生和个人. Third is an administration that truly believes in establishing an atmosp在这里 of support for the students, 教师, 工作人员, 和父母. Fourth is a board of trustees which is actively committed to overseeing the entire operation of this school.”

这听起来是不是像你们在我最近的《uwin电竞》上读到的东西? 也许. 而不是, they are the words of MPA co-founder Bob Kreischer in a document shared with the founding Board of Trustees of a school with no students, 没有老师, 没有建筑, 12月11日没有名字, 1981. 然而,有一个愿景, what founding Lower School Director Joanne Olson described as “a dream and a shoestring with no assurance of success.” 阅读更多


MPA寄宿家庭MPA is actively recruiting host families for both mid-year and fall of 2022 international students joining our school from around the world. 这是一个很好的机会,让你向另一个学生敞开心扉, 加深你家庭的全球视野! 欲了解更多信息,包括有关可用津贴的详细信息,请访问 mpa.链接/ becomeahostfamily. 联系科里·贝克尔-金,国际学生项目协调员 cbeckerkim@765888msc.com 表达你的兴趣,了解更多.

见见校友董事会成员,Hena Vadher ' 13


k - 12(“无期徒刑犯!”)

Why did you choose to pursue a position on the 校友 Association Board?

In what ways do you see yourself as a supporter of MPA and its mission?
一个批判性的评估者, 并且大力倡导, the ways MPA supports all of its students to learn, 成长, 以他们自己的方式获得成功.

What are you currently doing, professionally and/or personally?
I am a reader, poor and injury-prone runner, and aspiring generalist. 除了我享受的生活, I was recently working in disaster relief program implementation for New York City over 8 million residents with the American Red Cross as a disaster Response Manager. 我监督这个项目, 包括现金和庇护支持, 为因灾难而流离失所的客户.

How did you get to 在哪里 you are in your career? 你上过大学吗?如果上过,在哪上的? 是否有一些职业变动或其他重要经历或关系激励了你?
I studied International and Area Studies at Washington University in St. Louis interested in pursuing a humanitarian career, inspired by my time interning with UNHCR—the UN’s Refugee Agency—in Geneva, 瑞士. 毕业后,我很幸运地在圣路易斯的Breakthrough Twin Cities学习和成长. 在我搬到纽约之前,在美国红十字会开始了我的工作.

How did your MPA experience prepare you for your life today? MPA是如何帮助你实现远大的梦想和正确的做法的?
MPA让我准备好提出问题,并对该问什么和如何问进行批判性思考. 我不——也不可能——知道一切. 但, feeling comfortable asking questions and demonstrating vulnerability in that 尊重 goes a long way in better understanding your context (both in personal and professional sp在这里s) and discerning a path toward “doing right.”

接下来是什么? Any aspirations – personal or professional – that you’d like to share?
I’m currently thinking quite a bit about how I enjoy engaging with my career and am putting intention toward 成长ing in analytic and written communication skills.

一如既往地, 我希望继续学习和成长,并支持我生命中形成的社区.

13年对于“最爱”来说是一段很长的时间.但是,我很自豪地告诉大家,我的学校是如何鼓励政治参与和思想的. 我永远不会忘记. Conway cancelling our Constitutional Law class the day the Minnesota House voted on whether to legalize gay marriage, asking us all to be present for history at the Capital. That day, she prioritized that sometimes learning comes from living. After the House passed the measure she explained, “在五年, 有些青少年会忘记他们不能与所爱的人结婚的时候.“难忘的.

Meet 校友 Board Member, Katie (Ditmore) Sinaikin ’97



Why did you choose to pursue a position on the 校友 Association Board?
MPA gave so much to me; I’d like the opportunity to give back to the MPA community

In what ways do you see yourself as a supporter of MPA and its mission?
我给, 在财务上, 也一直倡导MPA教育给我的生活带来的价值.

What are you currently doing, professionally and/or personally?
我在生物技术/制药领域工作,帮助最需要肿瘤药物的患者. Personally, I am the mother to 2 sons who keep me quite busy 🙂

How did you get to 在哪里 you are in your career? 你上过大学吗?如果上过,在哪上的? 是否有一些职业变动或其他重要经历或关系激励了你?
I attended Wellesley College and received my MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. My first role out of undergrad was in Strategy consulting 在哪里 I worked with a number of small biotechnology companies, and that inspired me to continue to work in that field. All of my work is grounded in knowing “how” to think and not just “what” to think – that’s something that MPA fostered in me from the beginning.

How did your MPA experience prepare you for your life today? MPA是如何帮助你实现远大的梦想和正确的做法的?
MPA allowed me the opportunity to try everything. New languages, new sports, new extracurriculars. I was not the best runner or cross country skiier, but I always had a place on the team and I appreciate that even more now as I’m raising my own children and trying to figure out how to give them those same opportunities to “dream big and do right”

I would just love to see the MPA community – alumni and current students – 成长 and thrive and continue to develop a new generation of thinkers and doers

哦,这太难了! 当我在田径项目上的最后一年,我突然灵机一动,跑出了我最好的成绩. 我跑了多个PRs,并能够成为4x800米接力队的一员,进入分组赛. Being able to share that success with a team that had been with me for 6 years (Because I was able to join the team as a 7th grader!),特别是与夫人. Docherty who had been coaching me that entire time was incredibly special.