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  • Taohuadao Restaurant

           Taohuadao Restaurant is adjacent to the Heilan International Equestrian Club, across the lake from Taoyuan Resort. Taohuadao Restaurant’s architecture style originates from the China’s republican period. The surrounding scenery seamlessly complements the main building, creating a peaceful harmony.

           The exterior of the restaurant is conservative and artfully unadorned. Interior decoration reflects traditional Chinese cultural influences. The three-story restaurant has ten 15-people private dining rooms, ten 8/10-people private dining rooms. Yingchun Hall is ideal for hosting friends and families as well as small or medium-sized parties or banquets. Waterscape Room, on the other hand, is perfect for chatting over meals among several friends. On the second floor, the Bund Penglai Room allows for close encounter with mother nature. With choices of delicious and authentic local cuisine, it is an ideal destination for family and friend gatherings.