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  • Heilan International Equestrian Club

    Heilan International Equestrian Club is located at the southern area of Xinqiao, Jiangyin. It is China’s first-ever comprehensive equestrian facility that offers equestrian training, performance, competition and recreational services all under one roof.

    Heilan International Equestrian Club has 9 foreign senior equestrian coaches, 2 foreign veterinarians and 119 equestrian trainers at present.?It successively introduced 405 horses in 47 high-quality varieties including Hannover, Friesland and Andalusia from over 30 countries and regions including Germany, Holland and Spain.

    The club is equipped?with Equestrian Life Zone, Training Zone, Performance Zone, Competition Zone, Horse Leisure Zone and other zones as well as various supporting projects including the?Taoyuan Resort, Taohuadao Restaurant, Marrisle Boutique Leisure Resort (under construction), Exotic Pub?and Contended Gallery. Its construction comes with?infrastructures including standard competition venue, riding training venue, equestrian performance venue, horse living zone and horse hospital. Among them, the No.1 Equestrian Competition Venue takes 12 thousand square meters and is competent for?meeting?the training and competition requirements from?various equestrian events; the Equestrian Performance Venue takes over 9000 square meters and is applied with the designing style of Austro-Hungarian?royal palace. It is the biggest indoor equestrian performance venue in the country at present and may contain 666 persons to enjoy equestrian dressage at the same time. With the successive application of various supporting projects, Heilan International Equestrian Club has become the equestrian training, performance and a sport base with the biggest scale, best facilities and highest level in the country and is fully?competent for undertaking national even international big-scale equestrian events.

    On August 24, 2009, with its world-class equestrian and various supporting facilities, Heilan International Equestrian Club attracted Jiangsu Provincial Equestrian Team, the champion team for Equestrian in?the 10th?National Games, to settle here. In addition, under the care and support from the Jiangsu Provincial Government, Wuxi Municipal Government, Jiangyin Municipal Government and all levels of other?governments, it made new contributions to the development of competitive sports?in Jiangsu.

    On January 6, 2014, Heilan International Equestrian Club broke?the Guinness World Record of “World’s Biggest Equestrian Dressage” which was successfully applied?for?by the club on January 9, 2012 with 60 horses and their riders. In the meantime, it also acquired three other Guinness World Records including “Club with the most varied horse collection”, “the most horse riding times within 30 seconds”?and “the most obstacle jumping times of four horses”.?It not only wrote a new historic chapter of Heilan Equestrian but also witnessed a new breakthrough in equestrian Guinness?World Record of Heilan Equestrian.

    Official website:http://www.heilanequestrian.com/