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  • Equity Investment

    In 2007, Heilan Group set up Jiangyin Heilan Investment Management Co., Ltd. specialized in managing private equity investment. With mutual success as a final goal, the firm will integrate various investment resources. In addition, it will closely monitor financial businesses such as banking and security, resources-based businesses, new energy, environmental protection and energy conservation businesses, as well as leading enterprises in different sectors, and make equity investment decisions adhering to the principle of soundness, cautiousness and efficiency.

    Since 2000, Heilan Group has invested in more than 30 external projects. Heilan holds large shares in the following businesses: Huatai Securities Co., Ltd., Fujian Sunner Development Co., Ltd., China Guangfa Bank, Bank of Jiangsu, Jiangshu Jiangyin Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., Nanchang Commercial Bank, Leshan City Commercial Bank, Shandong Longlive Bio-technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Akcome Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Century Jinbang Science-Education and Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Baofeng Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hongyi Venture Capital investment Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Zhongmai Xinrui Equity Investment Partner etc.

    Among them, the following have gone public: Sunner Development (002299), Huatai Securities (601688), Risen Energy (300118), Longlive Biotech (002604), Akcome (002610), Baofeng Technology (300431), Bank of Jiangsu(600919), Bank of Jiangyin(002807).The IPO of these companies brought significant profits to Heilan.