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  • Heilan Home

    Heilan Home Co., Ltd. is founded in 2002 in the beautiful and affluent Yangtze River Delta. It is a marketing management platform enterprise?of big-scale modern clothing supply?chain which is of strong brand, excellent?management, leading technologies?and fashionable products. On April 11, 2014, “Heilan Home”?was successfully reorganized for listing on the stock market and became the leading stock in Chinese clothing industry. In 2016, Heilan Home was selected in the “2016 Hurun Brand List”?with RMB 11 billion of brand value, ranking No.1 in the Chinese textile and clothing industry; in November of the same year, Heilan Home was awarded with “2016 Best Listed Company in China”.

    The position of “Heilan Home” is fast moving consumer goods and necessities of life. It takes its share in the market with fair price strategy and brings value-added consumption experience to the customers with its high-quality products, rich styles, common prices and considerate services. “Heilan Home – Closet of Man” has become popular among the mass consumption crowd.

    By December 31, 2016, “Heilan Home”?stores have reached 4237 which are distributed in 31 provinces (municipalities, direct-controlled municipalities) and covered over 80% of the counties and cities. In 2016, “Heilan Home”?realized RMB 14.03 billion of sales revenue with a year-on-year growth of 8.98%. Under the circumstances of slacken sales growth and continuous slow growth of final consumption in clothing industry, Heilan Home actively overcame multiple?disadvantages including industrial adjustment, fatigue of final consumption and consumption upgrading to formulate operation plans centering on the strategic purpose of “national?brand”. Staying true to its original mission and adhering to innovation and development, it implemented its work comprehensively from multiple angles and with profoundness to provide exquisite products and consumption experiences?for the consumers.

    Facing the future, Heilan Home shall adhere to the values of “tolerance, innovation, win-win”?and firmly grasp the advantages of cost performance. With the integration of advantages of resource-enhanced company in brand management, store management, product design, sales channels construction and supply chain management, it shall expand the product sales scale and market share to develop the industrial multiple-level competition advantages from talents to resources, from channels to brands, from speed to efficiency and from traditional?management to mode innovation, so as to transform Heilan Home into a operation platform of global fashion clothing brand.

    Research and Development Complex Building

    The Research and Development Complex Building at Heilan Home Headquarter is an intelligent comprehensive architecture that houses business, office, R&D and other functions through intelligent design. Brought into operation in 2011, it sits on 26.40 acres of land, with 55,000 square meters of building space in 12 stories. The complex comprises Heilan Home Office Area, Service Complex and High-Tech R&D center with a total investment amounting to 0.2 billion RMB.

    Heilan Home Intelligent Warehousing System

    Heilan Home Logistics Park cost 1.6 billion RMB, among which 0.5 billion was invested on Heilan Home Intelligent Warehousing System. Construction commenced in December, 2011 and the warehouse was put in operation in November 2013. The project has 300,000 square meters of total building space covering 100,000 square meters of land. The warehouse is designed to store 1,464,000 containers, with the storage capacity of 80 million pieces of goods, and daily inbound/outbound capacity of up to 320,000 pieces of goods. The warehouse, after put into operation, is capable of stocking enough materials for 5000 retail stores. The new warehousing system replaced the traditional storage model that was used in the past by Heilan Home. By means of intellectualization, modernization and automation, it brought revolutionary changes to Heilan Home's operation.