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  • Heilan Group Public Welfare

    For years, Heilan Group has been making significant contributions to public welfare, including disaster relief efforts, poverty reduction, culture and education etc. It is a leading figure in social service amoung Jiangyin industrial community.



    • “Warm Village” Senior Visiting Event

    • Merciless Illnesses, Caring Heilan

    • The Total Blood Volume Donated By Heilan Employees For 17 Consecutive Years Exceeds 1,000 Liters

    • Heilan Home Donates Winter Clothes To Gansu Hongtupo Primary School

    • Heilan Home Collaborated with NetEase in Giving Love and Kindness Project

    • Heilan Volunteer Service Theatre

    • Heilan Donates RMB 1.5 Million to Sichuan Disaster Area

    “Warm Village” Senior Visiting Event

    On January 13, the “Warm Village” senior visiting group of the Human Resource Department of Heilan Group came to Weili, Xinqiao Town to send the consolation money and the thick love of New Year to more than 600 old people in the village.

    Respecting the aged and taking good care of children is the traditional virtue of Chinese nation. Heilan Group has always been enthusiastic in promoting public welfare in its development process to reward the local place. Considering the cold weather and many old people’s difficulties to move about, the visiting group specially set three points in Weili Village, Leixia Garden and Mupai to facilitate old people to claim the consolation money nearby, which was highly praised by the folks there.

    Merciless Illnesses, Caring Heilan

    On the afternoon of November 22, the house of Heilan employee Tian Zhong in Huashi Town, Jiangyin City was filled by warmth. Facing the flowers and love donation of RMB 48,190 sent by leaders and colleagues, Tian Zhong with a sickly look due to leukemia showed his long lost smile.

    Tian Zhong is 39 years old this year and joined Heilan in 2003. His family economic condition is not good, so he worked very hard to change the current situation to make his elderly parents, laborious wife, and small son live a happy life. He worked conscientiously and was capable of hard work and was unanimously recognized by leaders and colleagues. However, life is so uncertain. Tian Zhong was unfortunately diagnosed with leukemia in September this year. After learning the terrible news, what he first thought of was not himself, and he hid the secret so as not to let his family members worry, but he also missed the best treatment time, to the extent that he gets completely bedridden later, pale and weak.

    Illness is ruthless, but Heilan is full of love. After leaders learned of the matter, they attached great importance to it and immediately organized a love donation activity. On the morning of November 22, led by all department heads, employee actively donated RMB 48, 190 in only half an hour. Everyone hoped to give confidence and courage to Tian Zhong to fight against the illness with their bits of love.

    The Total Blood Volume Donated By Heilan Employees For 17 Consecutive Years Exceeds 1,000 Liters

    On the morning of October 29th, a great number of Heilan employees gathered at the Heilan Exhibition Center, to take part in the blood donation organized by the Group. After medical examination, over 200 that were qualified donated 62,850cc blood in total. This is the 17th time the Group has organized blood donation. Over the past 17 years, over 3,500 Heilan employees donated over 1000 liters of blood, making important contribution to the society.

    At about 8:30 am on that day, many employees came to the blood donation point, including new and senior employees, as well as husbands, wives, fathers and daughters working in Heilan. Some were the members of the unpaid blood donation emergency volunteer team of Heilan Group and they came from different lines and departments of the group. Some employees have donated blood for years. Everyone expressed that it is the glorious tradition of Heilan Group to make earnest efforts to promote public welfare and assume social responsibility. As Heilan people, unpaid blood donation and making contribution to the society is a proud thing.

    Since 1998, the Group has organized voluntary blood donation every year with over 200 donors each time, and has received positive feedbacks from the society. A voluntary unpaid blood donation team was formed in June 2006, with members available to donate at any time needed by Jiangyin Red Cross.

    In 2007, Heilan Group was granted the “Special Contribution Award” by Jiangyin Blood Donation Management Committee.

    An employee named Qiu Jianxiang has the very rare ABRH negative blood type. He once challenged his physical limit and donated blood for three times in half a year and saved three lives, for which, he was rated the “Advanced Model in Heilan Full of Love” in 2009.

    Heilan Home Donates Winter Clothes To Gansu Hongtupo Primary School

    On October 23, 7 teachers and 63 students from Hongtupo Primary School, Xinying Township, Yuzhong County, Gansu received warm love in cold winter. Heilan Home donated new-style quality down coats and customized children cotton clothes to them.

    On that day, the first onsite donation ceremony of the “One Extra Gram of Warmth” public benefit activity initiated by Heilan Home together with NetEase platform and the “Warm Current” of China Social Welfare Foundation was held here. The representatives of Heilan Home, NetEase and the Warm Current Plan jointly attended the donation ceremony. It is learnt that by now, Heilan Home has donated more than 6,000 winter clothes that are being sent successively by the volunteers of the Warm Current Plan. The activity is still ongoing. According to prediction, Heilan Home has donated about 20,000 pieces of down coats and children cotton clothes, with the total value of more than RMB 1 million.

    The public benefit activity “One Extra Gram of Warmth” was formally started on September 10 this year, and the donation objects involved more than 60 schools in 9 provinces in central and western regions. The volunteers of the “Warm Current Plan” were responsible for confirming the name list of teachers and students accepting donation and collecting the size information of their clothes. To let more social masses participate in the activity, a platform was set up in NetEase to let netizens fill in down feather for virtual down coats and consumers fill out the love cards at the stores of Heilan Home. When reaching a certain quantity, Heilan Home would send a winter clothe to teachers and students in the mountainous area. The activity aroused strong reaction from netizens and consumers.

    Hongtupo Primary School is located in the southern mountain area in Yuzhong County, Gansu. The massif named Hongtupo is not steep, but belongs to the typical landform of Loess Plateau. The massif basically has no vegetation, so even breeze can blow the loess up to the sky everywhere. Many children have to take 40 minutes to climb over the massif to go to school every day. The temperature in winter here can reach 20 degree below zero. Bitter cold is the biggest challenge for teachers and students.

    On the activity site, the representatives of sponsors sent the latest down coats and customized children cotton clothes of Heilan Home respectively. Wearing well-fitting new clothes, children are alive with happy smiles in their faces and expressed thanks to everyone ceaselessly.

    After the donation ceremony, representatives played games together with children on the playground, like rope skipping, tug-of-war and kicking shuttlecock. Children jumped and laughed to their heart’s content. Mr. Deng Fei, the sponsor of the “Warm Current Plan” also shared his personal experience with the children and encouraged them to study hard and not to give up their dreams.

    The lunch for representatives and children was roast potatoes. They dug the ground, threw potatoes in, and lit the fire to roast potatoes. The potato is the staple food in the local area. The roasted potato added with a bit of salt is just a meal.

    The representatives of the sponsors also visited the home of the poverty-stricken student Gao Qingling. Qingling’s father passed away and her mother remarried, so she can only live together with her grandmother. They live only on the minimum living allowance of RMB 100 every month. Mr. Deng Fei asked about the living conditions and economic source of Qingling in details and expressed on the spot that a one-to-one support team would be formed to pay the living expense and tuition fee for her till she graduates from the university.

    Heilan Home Collaborated with NetEase in Giving Love and Kindness Project

    Source: New Express Daily

    On September 10, 2014, Heilan Home collaborated with the NetEase platform and the Warm Current Plan of China Social Welfare Foundation to jointly launch the “One Extra Gram of Warmth” large social benefit activity in Beijing, aiming to help teachers and students in impoverished mountainous areas and send down coats and children cotton clothes to them before the coming of cold winter. It is learnt that the public benefit activity “One Extra Gram of Warmth” will send the latest down coats and specially customized children’s cotton clothes of Heilan to every teacher and student with NetEase as the main platform. The donation objects of the public benefit activity involve 9 provinces including Gansu, Henan and Qinghai. It is estimated that the total value of the donated down coats and children’s cotton clothes will exceed RMB 1 million.

    The online participation event of the public benefit activity “One Extra Gram of Warmth” formally got online on the platform of NetEase on September 10 and the exclusive public benefit donation zone will be set up at the customer end of NetEase News. Netizens with a loving heart can participate in via computer or mobile phone and consumers can also get into more than 70 stores of Heilan Home nationwide to fill in the love chards and give a helping hand in the public benefit activity “One Extra Gram of Warmth” to send their love to teachers and students in impoverished mountainous areas. (by Zheng Zhihui)

    Heilan Volunteer Service Theatre

    The only ticket to get into Heilan Volunteer Service Theatre is volunteer service. The theatre sets up the public benefit file for every Heilan employee audience and regularly organizes various forms of public welfare activities, and audiences can change for an opera ticket with one-hour volunteer service. Public benefit is borderless. The public can also get into the theatre with their loving heart. They can change for an opera ticket with an old book. The collected old books will be taken back in batches by Heilan employees from remote areas to their hometown to set up the “Love Bookcase”.

    The theatre provides high-quality drama performance for audiences for free all year round. The performance contents include drama, Kunqu opera, Wuxi opera, Shaoxing opera and art culture lectures. The performance teams are from high-level famous professional art groups including the Drama Theater, Kun Opera Theater, Wuxi Opera Theatre, Nanjing Modern Drama Troupe, Nanjing Shaoxing Opera Theatre, Nanjing Art Film School and Jiangsu College Student Modern Drama Troupe, all owned by Jiangsu Performing Arts Group.

    Going to the theatre is donating love, and the audiences were volunteers


    Heilan Donates RMB 1.5 Million to Sichuan Disaster Area

    On May 19, 2008, Heilan Group donated RMB 1.5 million to Sichuan Provincial Education Department through Jiangyin Red Cross Society to help the after-calamity rebuilding of schools.
    Among the donation of RMB 1.5 million, RMB 1 million was donated by the enterprise while RMB 500,000 was donated by employees. They will be used to support Sichuan’s education system, rebuild the after-calamity schools and pacify the relatives of teachers who scarified in the earthquake disaster.
    Besides, the homes of some Sichuan employees working in Heilan also suffered losses to different degree in the earthquake disaster. At present, the group is making statistics on and checking the damages and decides to help them next.
    During its development, Heilan Group has always been enthusiastic about the social cause of the public good and taking social responsibilities. In 1998, the catastrophic flood took place in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River. Heilan Group shared the concerns of the country and donated money and materials valued RMB12.38 million to send love to the disastrous area. According to statistics. Heilan Group has made remarkable contributions in the programs for public good including providing disaster relief, supporting the poor, and culture and education .Its donation has exceeded RMB 50 million. It is a leading figure in social service among Jiangyin industrial community.