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  • Introduction

    HBS was established at a premium location where the Yangtze River joins the sea, Wu culture originated millennia ago, Master Jianzhen’s journey to Japan began, and Xu Xiake started his grand tour.

    Mission of HBS is to be a mainstay of the society, imparting knowledge and initiating peace, which also represents the essence of the Chinese nation.

    As the cradle of modern industry and South Jiangsu mode, Jiangyin buzzes with rural businesses that started up during China’s reform and opening up. Just as education is the key to a country and economy, development of an enterprise relies upon talents. HBS, the center of senior talent training for Heilan Group, Top 500 Chinese Enterprise, aims to promote Jiangsu business culture and cultivate business elites with sense of both historical mission and future vision.

    School philosophy: Move with the times, instead of sticking to history or current status; insist on practical principles by absorbing historical and foreign essence; combine theory with practice, traditional Chinese culture with modern business, and western management expertise with oriental spirits; to cultivate middle and senior level managers with both strategic mindsets and practical experience for enterprise and to provide valuable training resources for local governments.

    Recruitment philosophy: smart, flexible, hardworking and persistent.

    Teaching philosophy: reform and train oneself before work

    philosophy: high-end training courses tailored for enterprises and focused on practical application


    Sanmao Group (predecessor of Heilan Group) partnered with Nanjing University and established Sanmao College under Nanjing University

    Heilan Group cooperated with Fudan University and Tongji University to run MBA program

    Heilan Group Phoenix MBA Program started

    Heilan Phoenix Business School was founded and the first Phoenix Forum was held

    Heilan Phoenix Business School was renamed Heilan Business School, and named as model enterprise university in Jiangsu Province

    From the School Principal

    Cultivate minds to well-treat and explore the world