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  • Major Milestones


    • July 16th

      On July 16th, China National Garment Association announced results of “2014 China Fashion Industry Top 100 Enterprises”. Heilan Group ranked second in overall sales revenue and first in gross profit.

    • 2014

    • January 5th

      January 5th-9th, Heilan Equestrian Club set four new Guinness World Records.

    • April 11th

      On April 11th, Ganal Scientific was renamed “Heilan Home”, marking a successful asset reorganization. (ticker symbol: 600398)

    • July 21th

      On July 21st, Heilan Group drafted new development missions for the next three years at its “100 billion target (RMB)” symposium: “By year 2016, Heilan Group aims to achieve a revenue of over 100 billion (RMB), assets of over 100 billion (RMB), profits and corporate tax payment exceeding 10 billion (RMB)”.

    • November 15th

      On November 15th, grand opening ceremony was held for Zhangjiagang Mambat Plaza – Heilan Group’s first investment in HOPSCA.

    • 2013

    • January 1th

      On January 1st, Heilan Group launched sub-brand “BETTSALE”, a customer self-help men’s clothing chain. The first retail store was opened in Jiangyin.

    • March 27th

      On March 27th, Premier Li Keqiang visited Heilan Group.

    • November 29th

      On November 29th, Ganal Scientific and Heilan Home received approval from China Securities Regulatory Commission for asset restructuring.

    • 2013

      End of year 2013, Heilan Home annual retail sales exceeded RMB 12 billion yuan.

    • 2012

    • January 8th

      On January 8th, a new Guinness World Record was set at Heilan International Equestrian Club for the world’s largest horse dressage with 56 equestrians and 56 Austrian Lipizzan horses.

    • August 18th

      On August 18th, Heilan Group signed strategic collaboration agreement with SAP SE; On October 24th, Heilan IBM strategic collaboration, i.e. Heilan informatization project initiation ceremony was held. Heilan Group, along with other Fortune 500 corporations, implemented highly efficient informational management of logistics and retail stores, advancing the development of corporate informatization process.

    • 2011

    • 2011

      Heilan Group set mission to “accelerate business transition and pursue development in tertiary service industry”. It invested RMB 10 billion yuan to initiate business projects in tertiary service sector to facilitate company’s transition. On March 5th, construction of Heilan Fortune Center commenced.

    • April 8th

      On April 8th, foundation ceremony was held for the construction of “Heilan (Gushan) Fashion Production Park” project.

    • June 3th

      On June 3rd, Heilan Home Complex became officially operational.

    • December 6th

      On December 6th, construction of Zhangjiagang Mambat Plaza– Heilan Group’s first investment in a HOPSCA was started.

    • 2010

    • June 24th

      On June 24th, CEO Jianping Zhou became president of Jiangsu Equestrian Association.

    • October

      In October, EICHITOO was launched.

    • 2009

    • August 24th

      On August 24th, Heilan Equstrain Club became home to Jiangsu Equestrian Team

    • 2008

    • April 29th

      On April 29th, CEO Jianping Zhou was elected Vice Chairman of China Garment Association.

    • November 28th

      On November 28th, Heilan Group independently raised RMB 100 million yuan to create Jiangsu Heilan Education Development Foundation.

    • 2007

    • 2007

      Jiangyin Heilan Investment Management Co., Ltd. was founded to start financial equity investment.

    • 2006

    • February

      In February, Heilan Group changed its logo.

    • 2005

    • 2005

      Revenue exceeded RMB 10 billion yuan.

    • 2004

    • July

      In July, Heilan Group was one of the first to be named “Industrial Tourism Demonstration Site” by China National Tourism Administration.

    • September

      In September, Heilan made the list of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises for the first time, ranking no. 319.

    • October 16th

      On October 16th, in the lists of “Top 10 Enterprises in Nation’s Key Industry Sectors” elected by National Bureau of Statistics and China Industrial Information Issuing Center, Heilan Group ranked number one in wool and textile industry.

    • 2003

    • May

      In May, Heilan World Trade Tower became fully operational. The 24-story building became a landmark architecture in Jiangyin.

    • November 11th

      On November 11th, Heilan Group was among the list of China Enterprise Informatization Top 500.

    • November 28th

      On November 28th, Heilan Fashion Industrial City Phase I project was completed and became operational.

    • 2002

    • September 3th

      On September 3rd, grand opening was held in Nanjing for the first “Heilan Home” (operated by Heilan Group) retail store. The “Heilan Home for Self-help Menswear” model with supermarket-style retail franchise started nationwide. Heilan Group brought revolutionary changes to China’s men’s fashion market. CEO Jianping Zhou was elected a Representative to the 10th National People’s Congress.

    • 2001

    • November 1th

      On November 1st, “Sanmao Group” formally changed its name to “Heilan Group”.

    • 2000

    • May 25th

      On May 25th, Heilan Group became the first in China’s wool textile industry to obtain certification from ISO14001 Environment Management System.

    • December 28th

      On December 28th, Heilan Group went public at Shanghai Stock Exchange. 45 million shares of A-stock (Ganal Scientific 600398) were sold, marking a breakthrough in the Group’s capital management.

    • 1999

    • May 12th

      On May 12th, world-class clothing production lines were introduced and officially put into operation. Heilan Group entered clothing market with full force.

    • June

      In June, Heilan Group was named the only State Key High-Tech Enterprise in China’s wool textile industry by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.

    • 1998

    • March 18th

      On March 18th, Heilan Group became the first in China’s Fashion industry to obtain certification from ISO9001 Quality Management System.

    • August 21th

      On August 21st, Heilan Group donated RMB 12.38 million yuan relief fund to victims of severe floods in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River.

    • 1997

    • 1997

      Sales exceeded RMB 1 billion yuan for the first time. Profit and corporate tax payment exceeded RMB 100 million yuan. Economic scale and overall profit leaped to second in the sector, with the enterprise becoming a national Group.

    • 1996

    • April 5th

      On April 5th, the first clothing manufacturing workshop was put into operation.

    • April 18th

      On April 18th, lawsuit between family members of the late cartoonist Leping Zhang and Sanmao Group over trademark infringement became famous across the country.

    • 1995

    • 1995

      Worsted wool production line were upgraded with German-imported equipment. The company became the National Township Enterprise Group.

    • 1994

    • June 18th

      On June 18th, the company became Jiangsu Sanmao Group

    • 1993

    • 1993

      Woolen wool production was phased out. Worsted wool production was optimized by a complete process that included fine-spinning, top dyeing, rough fixing, dyeing and finishing, finish inspection, grey fabric inspection, pilot test, etc.

    • 1991

    • 1991

      A 6000-spindle worsted wool production line was launched, application for trademark “Sanmao” was submitted, and Jiangyin Third Worsted Wool Factory was established.

    • 1988

    • December 1st

      On December 1st, Xinqiao Third Woolen Mill (predecessor of Heilan Group) was founded, producing woolen wool products.