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  • Group Profile(2018)

    Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Xinqiao, Jiangyin, Jiangsu, Heilan Group is a domestic leader in apparel?manufacturing. With total assets of RMB 100 billion, the Group employs more than 60,000 staff in China (20,000 of which positioned in the Headquarter). The Group ranks 166th?on the List of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, and?31st?on the List of Top 500 Private Enterprises in China. In 2017, with total sales income over RMB 100 billion and taxes and profits reaching RMB 8 billion, the Group continues to top the Taxpayer List in Wuxi.

    Heilan Group started out in slubbing and?built up its fortune in fine spinning, and eventually turned to garments, becoming a clothing chain. In the years of development, the Group takes root in the operation philosophy?of taking clothing as its main business, works meticulously in this field to achieve focus, concentration?and expertise, and successfully established independent clothing brands including Heilan ?Home, Sancanal, EICHITOO and Hieiika. Heilan Home positions itself as the people’s menswear brand in China with its excellent quality at?reasonable price, whereas Sancanal targets at the customized business suit market, EICHITOO at urban women’s fashion and Hieiika at popular clothing. At present, both Heilan Home and Sancanal have grown to become industrial leaders, with EICHITOO and Hieiika racing at top speed to catch up.

    Heilan Group is named after “Heilan”, implying that it would “build a spectacular enterprise as broad and profound as the ocean and sky”. “Constantly refute ourselves for the pursuit of excellence”?is the enterprise spirit of Heilan Group, while innovation serves as its enterprise soul.

    The every step during the transformation of Heilan sparks with innovation and transcendence, the most typical being Heilan Home. Heilan Home is a paragon of business model innovation. By utilizing the integration of industrial chain and holding tight on the both ends of the “smiling curve”-“design”?and “marketing”, and outsourcing production, Heilan Home established a platform for commercial model; in addition, Heilan Home has formed a “uniform?management”?in its thousands of outlets nationwide, achieving standardization of remote management, blazing a path of transformation and upgrading for sound development. Furthermore, Heilan Group has invested in equity and vessels in terms of financial investment. Beginning?in 2000, the Group engaged in more than 30 projects, most of which have already been publicly listed, bringing tremendous economic benefit to the business.

    In terms of distinctive culture tourism, the Heilan Pegasus Aqua City?(Heilan International Equestrian Club) dedicatedly built by Heilan Group is now completed, and the Taoyuan Village Hotel and Horse Culture Museum are now open to the public, with Maerdao Hotel and Heilan Art Museum being under construction. Within the Pegasus Aqua City is the comprehensive equestrian performance base integrated with equestrian?training, performance, competition, bodybuilding and entertainment. The “Heilan International Equestrian Exhibition Show”?held every Saturday is more than just splendid, and one may say that it is unique to China. Since its opening?to public in 2010, 400 shows have been staged to hundreds of thousands of audiences nationwide or even worldwide, becoming a heatedly discussed topic in the society. In early 2015, the Heilan International Equestrian Club were granted the four Guinness?World Records for “Club with the most varied horse collection”, “World’s Biggest Equestrian Dressage”?etc. In Oct, 2016, the 2016 “Heilan Cup”?National Equestrian Dressage Tournament and Equestrian Eventing Championship was successfully held in Heilan Pegasus Aqua City. At the moment, Heilan Pegasus Aqua City has already become a hot tourism spot in Jiangsu, being recommended by General Administration of Sport of China and National Tourism Administration as quality projects.

    The Chairman of the Board of Heilan Group once said: an enterprise in its startup phase, belongs to the entrepreneur, but once it’s grown, it belongs to the whole society. In the course of corporate development, Heilan has always put an emphasis on charity and public welfare. Whether it is the flood fighting and emergency rescues in 1998, or the earthquakes in Wenchuan, Yushu, Ya’an, the people of Heilan has never hesitated to offer their help and donation. In 2008, at the 20th?anniversary of the Group, Heilan self-raised RMB 100 million to establish the Heilan Education Development Fund, investing all the benefits generated by the Fund in developing the education of less developed areas in Jiangsu Province. As of today, a dozen of schools have benefited from this Fund. Beginning in 2014, Heilan Home initiated the “One More Gram of Warmth”?with the Warm Current Project, NetEase and iFeng.com in three consecutive years, donating winter clothes to poverty-stricken students and teachers and bringing them a warm winter.

    Zhou Jianping, Senior Economist and Chairman of Board of Heilan Group, is the founder of the Group and Heilan Home, also a Deputy to the 10th NPC and  member of the 11th and 12Th CPPCC, having been awarded the "May-4th" Medal and “the 2016 Most Respected Entrepreneur” by Hurun Research Institute.

    Zhou Lichen, CEO of Heilan Group, born in 1988 and graduated from School of Economics?and Management, Tsinghua University, is a member of the 17th?Jiangyin People’s Congress and Vice President of Association of Industry and Commerce of Jiangyin, having been awarded the titles including “Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Jiangyin City”, “Example to the Youth in Wuxi City”?and “the 2015 Top 10 Prominent New Businessmen in Yangtze River Delta”.

    Heilan International Equestrian Club has 9 foreign senior equestrian coaches, 2 foreign veterinarians and 119 equestrian trainers at present.?It successively introduced 405 horses in 47 high-quality varieties including Hannover, Friesland and Andalusia from over 30 countries and regions including Germany, Holland and Spain.

    The club is equipped?with Equestrian Life Zone, Training Zone, Performance Zone, Competition Zone, Horse Leisure Zone and other zones as well as various supporting projects including the?Taoyuan Resort, Taohuadao Restaurant, Marrisle Boutique Leisure Resort (under construction), Exotic Pub?and Contended Gallery. Its construction comes with?infrastructures including standard competition venue, riding training venue, equestrian performance venue, horse living zone and horse hospital. Among them, the No.1 Equestrian Competition Venue takes 12 thousand square meters and is competent for?meeting?the training and competition requirements from?various equestrian events; the Equestrian Performance Venue takes over 9000 square meters and is applied with the designing style of Austro-Hungarian?royal palace. It is the biggest indoor equestrian performance venue in the country at present and may contain 666 persons to enjoy equestrian dressage at the same time. With the successive application of various supporting projects, Heilan International Equestrian Club has become the equestrian training, performance and a sport base with the biggest scale, best facilities and highest level in the country and is fully?competent for undertaking national even international big-scale equestrian events.

    On August 24, 2009, with its world-class equestrian and various supporting facilities, Heilan International Equestrian Club attracted Jiangsu Provincial Equestrian Team, the champion team for Equestrian in?the 10th?National Games, to settle here. In addition, under the care and support from the Jiangsu Provincial Government, Wuxi Municipal Government, Jiangyin Municipal Government and all levels of other?governments, it made new contributions to the development of competitive sports?in Jiangsu.

    On January 6, 2014, Heilan International Equestrian Club broke?the Guinness World Record of “World’s Biggest Equestrian Dressage” which was successfully applied?for?by the club on January 9, 2012 with 60 horses and their riders. In the meantime, it also acquired three other Guinness World Records including “Club with the most varied horse collection”, “the most horse riding times within 30 seconds”?and “the most obstacle jumping times of four horses”.?It not only wrote a new historic chapter of Heilan Equestrian but also witnessed a new breakthrough in equestrian Guinness?World Record of Heilan Equestrian.